About Us

The Wellness Hound is on its way to becoming the ultimate resource for people (not dogs – sorry, Fido) looking to create a balanced life. Our founder, Valeria, personally researches an overwhelming amount of information on natural health and personal success. She then presents it to you in a simple, usable way. Her goal is to help you live the life you want with recipes for well-being, fitness suggestions, and self-growth tips. The Wellness Hound aims to compile everything you need to find what works for YOU.

Valeria Paz likes to envision a world where we can all sit back for a moment in the midst of our jobs, cooking, or audiobooks, and think “This…is the life.”


A stubborn bundle of energy with an obsession for physical well-being, personal improvement, and contradicting self-called “realists,” she set out to prove we could each create this ideal life for ourselves. You are now looking at the result of her research and personal experience. (In case you were wondering – YES! You can absolutely set the frame for those contented “ahhh” moments in your daily routine).

When Valeria is not running through book pages, skipping ingredients in recipes, or writing for health blogs, you can spot her walking her beloved beagle, Samson, or sipping tea on a picnic blanket with her family.

Why the Name “The Wellness Hound”?


Valeria thought she was leading a healthy life until skin issues appeared and she could not shake off a feeling of exhaustion. Around this time, she had just graduated from college and realized that a degree would not get her out of the 9-5 routine, and that nothing in life would ever be good enough so long as she lacked direction. Seeing the dead end ahead, she laced her shoes and took her beagle along to the library. After 7 months, she was finally able to restore her health and to build a balance where she could work, exercise, eat well, create memories with her loved ones, and still have time to dedicate to her personal advancement. All these fit into 1 week calendars and fueled her for the next week to come.

Still, she knew her friends and family were struggling with issues of their own. What had worked for her, was not necessarily working for them. So she kept walking Samson, her almost loyal beagle, to the library. She likes to say that Samson helped hunt for practical information that she could share with her friends for free.

The goal for The Wellness Hound is to help you discover in an easy way what would work best for your health and growth. We are all here to learn as we go, and we love the support of those looking for their own greener grass. We eventually grow a nose for it.

Note from Valeria


I do not intend to provide medical advice or prescribe what will guarantee you a better life. I am simply a writer pointing out ways that have led me and others to a more fulfilling lifestyle. And who wouldn’t want that?

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Are You Daydreaming?


Here’s a fact: you can’t teach anyone to be happy or to care about their well-being.

A more important fact: for those of us who see no point in life if not to be happy and thriving, I’m absolutely convinced that we will learn how to create the life we want for ourselves.

I often hear people say that you can’t have everything you want in life, and this makes my ears perk up. Funny how they never give a reason why. “Because. That is life,” they’ll say, dropping their fists on the table. How wonderful that we have unique lives and we get to decide what we can have in them!

At The Wellness Hound, you will find recipes for home remedies, workout ideas, communication skills tips, food substitutes, book recommendations, organizational tips, and much more.

You’ll learn simple ways to cover all your bases when it comes to nutrition, fitness, and self-development. Things may run wild once in a while with some yoga inversion tutorials, some well-kept secret for influencing people, or some powerful sleeping herbs, but we’ll always give you as much daily practical information as we dig out.

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We can’t wait to hear about you! Join the amazing support of our community, find a post that calls to you, and leave a comment about how you found your way here!